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Vacuum Grippers

Compact and Light Vacuum Grippers, CVGL Series

With the CVGL series, COVAL introduces a universal solution to the vacuum gripper: flexible, simple and economical. Handling parts of various sizes, shapes and weights is no longer a complex, costly and time-consuming task. With a single CVGL module, easily integrated into the process, the user can simply and safely perform random gripping of assorted parts.

The CVGL series is composed of standard subassemblies which allow us to offer a "tailor-made" solution, meeting the specific application requirements of integrators and end users:

  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Integrated functions
  • Modularity
  • Performance
  • Ease of use
  • Universal mounting


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Modular Vacuum Grippers, MVG Series

The new MVG Modular Vacuum Gripper series by COVAL is the opposite of that quote. It can be configured to be perfectly adapted to each application, with the technical assistance of the Scorpion team. To obtain this result, some important developments have been made.

100% configurable
The first choice that is offered to the user is the size. The MVG vacuum gripper series is tailored to the desired size. But customization doesn’t stop there. In order to benefit from a perfectly adapted gripper, the customer can also configure:

  • The vacuum generators
  • The gripping interfaces: foam, suction cups (shapes, diameters, diverse materials)
  • The vacuum level control: electronic vacuum switch or vacuum gauge

Precise vacuum management with “multi-zoning”
The MVG Modular Vacuum Gripper series allows the creation of multiple independent gripping zones, which guarantees the optimization of vacuum management:

  • Vacuum level increase
  • Leaks decrease
  • Energy consumption reduction

This “multi-zoning” is particularly useful for staggered gripping and releasing, handling objects of different formats, or optimization of palletizing layers.

Savings at every level
The adaptability of this MVG vacuum gripper enables the customer to deal with the majority of situations without having to install several grippers together. For the operator, the benefit is threefold: less investment, reduced weight which allows the use of smaller robots and, last but not least, energy savings.

MVG - what makes the difference?
The Modular Vacuum Gripper, composed of subsections, allows us to offer a customized

  • Customized dimensions
  • Selection of gripping zones
  • Compactness and lightness
  • Adaptation to products to be handled (choice of gripping interfaces)
  • Adaptation to installation (different types of vacuum generators)
  • Universal mounting bracket
  • Integrated functions.
  • Simple installation and use


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Bags/sacks Gripping System, CSGS series

The CSGS system is a comprehensive package that includes a specific suction pad and an optimized vacuum generator and guarantees high reliability for handling plastic or paper bags from 25 to 60 kg, used for packing powder and/or granulated products. It is particularly recommended for robotic palletizing and de-palletizing applications that require a quick and secure implementation.

Gripping capacity:
The CSGS…X35 models are equipped with a 250x150 mm suction pad allowing them handle loads of up to 35 kg, depending on the bag's resilience. The CSGS…X60 models are equipped with a 360x190 mm suction pad and can handle loads of up to 60 kg.


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