Discover the range of services offered by Scorpion Manufacturing.

Engineering, vacuum or pneumatic system development or optimization, cylinder reproduction, on-site training on vacuum technology… We are your privileged partner when it comes to pneumatic and vacuum automation.

Scorpion provides its clients with the most advanced technologies worldwide through the fastest, most efficient customer service in North America.

- Development of complex vacuum and pneumatic systems.

- Optimization of actual vacuum and pneumatic systems.

- On-site and off-site vacuum and pneumatic training.

- Manufacturing and repair of all kinds of special cylinders.

- Cylinder reproductions or modifications.

- Vacuum and pneumatic system assemblies.

- Seal and surface tests for vacuum handling.

- Vacuum and pneumatic system engineering.

If you need anything involving pneumatic or vacuum systems, give SCORPION a call at : 1-800-665-3595